February 9, 2017

Ship 72 Skipper Dean Skiff says:

These periodic posts are made to keep Ship 72 members, parents, and interested folks informed as to our activities and our plans.

I welcome positive feedback.

This is a multi-thread email forwarded by Skipper Dean Parents of Ship 72,

Below are some communications concerning our two activities as of 2:17 today. Please contact Jen if you can help with menu items #3 & #4.

It is great to see the parents of the Explorers and the Sea Scouts working /coming together while Sue, Lee and John are attending some other obligations at this time.

Again please contact Jen and let Lee know which date for the Mystic trip is best for you.

Besides these two events we have the following going on:
  • The Sail and Power Squadron Boating 6 week Certificate Boating Course.
  • Preparing the scouts to sail the LUNA alone, “with the adults on board as consultants if needed.”
  • Working on Apprentice and Ordinary Rank Requirements.
  • March 1st Nauset Marine will raise the LUNA and do maintenance work on her centerboard and bottom.
  • Three season covers for the Surfboats.
  • May 1st LOVE TO HEEL” will be on the mooring at Arey’s Pond.
  • June 12 Arey’s will step the mast on the LUNA.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
  • Open House in May.
We are moving full speed ahead and welcome all to come aboard.

Thanks for your time and help, Skipper Dean 978-697-1596

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Hi All,

I already responded to Jen but realized I didn't reply all so I am doing so now as to avoid duplicates for the Muster. Seamus & family will bring the drinks and paper goods for the dinner. :) Karin

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On Wednesday, February 8, 2017 7:29 AM, Lee R. Johnson wrote:

The Johnson’s would be happy to help with the muster menu items if we are on Cape Cod. Our plans to be in PA are elusive.

James Lord can go either Sat. or Sunday. 11-12 March. The majority rules.

The final date will coalesce when I hear from more participants. So far, Sunday 19 March has been mentioned.


Keep tuned… Lee Johnson

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From: Jennifer Connors
Sent: Tuesday, February 7, 2017 2:18 PM
Subject: Muster Menu Volunteers
Muster Menu:
Hi all,

Thank you to all who have offered to bring things for the muster. We still need someone to bring:
1) drinks
2) paper products: plates forks knives napkins
3) either a green salad or a fruit salad
4) Another main dish (lasagna? or a few cut up subs to share?).

Please let me know if you are able to bring any of these things!
Thank you again to all involved!
Jen ( John Shortis Mom)

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On Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 2:49 PM sue haley wrote:
Hello Parents,

I hope most of you will be able to attend the Coast Guard Station visit and the muster back at the landship on February 26th. Thank you to Jenn for assisting with the coordination.

Below is information on a day trip to Mystic Seaport, from Lee Johnson. He says the earlier we make arrangements, the better. He’s suggesting Saturday March 11th as an option, but I believe the week after would be best for our group to get the most attendance. Please let me know if this is true. Is a Saturday better than a Sunday?

Membership renewal is the month of February, so I need to know who is staying in the program for 2017. Can I assume that everyone listed in the main “to” address box is planning to have their child continue on in the program, and pay their $25 dues?
Those in the “cc” address box, are being kept in the loop for informational purposes. If your child is carrying on with the Explorer Club program, please send a check to “Nauset Explorer Club 72” for $25 and mail to 75 Captain Penniman Rd, Eastham, MA 02642.

Some of you may have met John Shortis and Ben Gifford. They are transitioning over to the Sea Scout program this month. John’s mother is Jenn, mentioned above.

I’ll be staying in touch via email, but am away as of tomorrow and returning March 1st.

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From: Lee R. Johnson
Sent: Sunday, February 05, 2017 3:28 PM
To: 'John Crawford' ; 'deanskiff' ; 'Sue Haley'
Subject: Mystic Seaport Adventure


I threw a dart on the calendar and hit, Saturday, 11 March 2017. It’s a starting point for planning and may end up as the actual tour date. Attached are two guided tours that last 1h 45m and may be of interest for our groups. BTW group rates are available for 10 or more..

Please talk it over with your groups and get a commitment on a date. Pre-registration for tours is mandatory. The more lead time we give the Seaport, the better the chance of success.

The tickets are good for two successive days. This opens up the door for maritime diehards.

The drive from Patriot Square is 2 ¼ hours. So, we’d leave at 0745 to arrive for the 10:00 opening The Seaport closes at 1600 and we’ll be home at 1830 or so without a food stop.


There may be other programs that float your boat. Let us know.

Thanks, Lee


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