March 27, 2010

Ship 72 Skipper Dean Skiff says:

These periodic posts are made to keep Ship 72 members, parents, and interested folks informed as to our activities and our plans.

I welcome positive feedback.

Hi Guys,

Friday 3/25/10 Lise, Steve, Dennis and Dean met with Lisa Albino (nurse, Eastham EMT/Fire Fighter) and were very impressed! She is available to help out as a Mate but is finishing her Master’s in Municipal Management and has not the time to be a Skipper. She is more than qualified for Skipper but again has not the time. At least we have an excellent female leader to go on trips which is a requirement if we have any girls sign on.

Dennis is still working on two more Sea Shore Rangers for Skipper.

We still are looking for a date to meet with Ryan Edwards. (Eagle Scout, Engineering Degree, Harwich EMT/ Fire Fighter and as a scout cruised 2 weeks with Mike & Dean “down Maine”) He has just had school and work the nights we were free to meet. He is another highly qualified candidate for Skipper. (We will have to over look his one major down side…he is related to Steve!)


Keep thinking of qualified candidates for Skipper.

Do we get someone for only a year to draw the kids?

After a year will there be parents to step up to the plate….as a Skipper?

People grow into positions with their knees shaking.

Would 3 mates work to get it off the ground?

Is a GOOD ROLE MODEL, who is available still better than the BEST SKIPPER who is never available?

We can not recruit kids without a Skipper. (Well if your program is so good for my kid, why do you not have a skipper?)

Please look at our web-site and give me you ideas /opinions for Pete, our Web-master, is going to be on the water in a few weeks.

We are adding:
1. a picture of the Surfboat.
2. Life Magazine’s article about the row to Nantucket
3. People on the Cape often say….”there is nothing for or kids to do.” Well here is an opportunity for them and you!

The surfboat is in Dennis’s garage and being worked on.

Lets get’r done!

Thanks for your time,



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