May 23 , 2015

Ship 72 Skipper Dean Skiff says:

These periodic posts are made to keep Ship 72 members, parents, and interested folks informed as to our activities and our plans.

I welcome positive feedback.


Today, Saturday May 23rd, five ( the 6th had to leave early) first time” ROOKIE” sea scouts took to the surfboat in winds 15 mph at Arey’s Pond and did an excellent job!

They actually handled themselves, the 12’ oars and the pulling boat much better than I thought they would. We can all be proud of what they accomplished.

They participated in an activity, long boat rowing, that was done centuries ago. The RACE POINT SURFBOAT they rowed was used on the east coast to save mariners by the US Life-Saving Service, ( forerunners of the USCG) right here along Nauset Beach. That alone was a living history lesson very few have ever done or experienced. See attachments.

Besides learning and executing rowing commands, they were made aware of wind and mooring conditions, bow, stern and spring lines and how to trailer a boat.

Some might have even experienced how a callus or a blister is earned?

REMINDER…… Next Saturday, May 30th at 900 hours, we debark from Rock Harbor on the CG36500 rescue boat that Disney made a movie about this past fall in Chatham. Please call or email me if you plan to sail for we will only be taking 9 passengers who sign up. Parents are welcome to come along if there is space after the scouts. There will be a $2 charge for fuel and oil.

Let us not forget those who have served and sacrificed this coming Memorial Day!

We had a safe, fun day on the water and will meet this Wed. for an hour at the land ship at 1900 hours. Bring a friend.


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