June 19, 2010

Ship 72 Skipper Dean Skiff says:

These periodic posts are made to keep Ship 72 members, parents, and interested folks informed as to our activities and our plans.

I welcome positive feedback.

Friends of Nauset Sea Ship 72,

A special thank you is in order to Richard Berube (Boo) who loaned the ship his boat trailer so we could transport the Starboard Surfboat last week to the Maritime Festival in Hyannis. The festival was great exposure for our ship who shared an exhibit with our friends Ship 76 of Harwich. New mate Brad Gardiner and I met many people who shared stories of surfboats from the past and who offered expertise from how to make our much needed 14’ oars to how to finish the restoration project of our surfboat. Feel free to take a look at the pictures on our website. Click here for a look

Boo, his son Luke and Pete Norgeot are presently rebuilding a trailer that will be specifically used to transport the surfboats. We appreciate the time and effort that these three have put in moving, lifting, blocking, purchasing odd parts at the lowest price and using their experience and expertise to make this trailer safe and useable. Much is going on behind the scenes to make Ship 72 top notch.

Another thank you is in order to Eric and Helen Dickie, the son in law and daughter of former skipper Mon Cochran, who restored our second surfboat known as the Port Surfboat. Eric and Helen donated their time and money refurbishing the Port Surfboat and a trailer so future young men and women could experience the thrills they had using these same boats which are so much a historical past of Cape Cod and the Nauset Community.

This past Wednesday there was much excitement when the scouts for the first time climbed in the trailered surfboat, manned the oars and executed commands from our own Navy experienced Coxin, mate Brad Gardiner. The adults who had to watch all wanted to jump in and give it a try. We could not help but wonder what a great site this would be in the 4th of July Parade. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy another project. Any one volunteering to over see it? Please give me a call. Cell 978-697-1596

This coming Wednesday, 6-23-10 the Ship will meet at 7:00 at Willy’s Gym in Eastham for a BSA swim check. Please bring your swim suit, a towel, bathing cap for your hair if you have one (rumor has it that for some reason the skipper may not have to wear one!) and leave you valuables at home. Dressing rooms will be available. Obviously the leadership wants to know every ones swimming capabilities before we take them on the water. This is not a pass / fail test. Those who are challenged swimming will have an opportunity to learn and improve their skills. It is up to them to take advantage of this opportunity. This will be a learning experience for all that partake. Parents are welcome to watch. A special thanks goes out to Barbara Nagel and Willy’s Gym who are making this event possible. Willy’s Gym is just another example of the community support given to Nauset Sea Scouts.

Mate Lise Nielsen who did a great job over seeing Step-Up-Day at the High School for the 8 th graders will also be overseeing the BSA Swim Check Wednesday night.

As you can see, Ship 72 is very fortunate to have so much expertise offered by our leaders and community. Would it not be a shame if parents and our young people did not take advantage of what we are offering?


Skipper Dean


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