June 23, 2010

Ship 72 Skipper Dean Skiff says:

These periodic posts are made to keep Ship 72 members, parents, and interested folks informed as to our activities and our plans.

I welcome positive feedback.


Please note that all emails by any adult leaders to youth under the age of 21 will be Cc to Dennis St. Aubin our Committee Chairman or another adult leader as part of the BSA youth protection program.

This past Wednesday night meeting was very eventful. All ten sea scouts that attended successfully completed the BSA swim test. This was billed as a swim check but to our surprise everyone demonstrated the ability to jump in water over their head, surface, swim 75 yards (3 laps) non stop using any stroke or a combination of strokes, then swim the last 25 yards of the 100 yards using an easy resting back stroke, and then floating for two minutes. Needless to say we were all very proud of the crew members who accomplished something to their credit. After the swim check the scouts practiced lifesaving jumps in deep water, lifesaving ring throws and individual help that was requested before enjoying their free pool time. I know Barbara Nagel owner/operator of Willy’s Gyms in Eastham and Orleans, was glad to help out and we thank her for her support.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at the Scout Hut.

Possibly dates for a cruse on the CG36500 are being determined. Please go to www.cg36500.org and see what a unique experience this would be. This is the Rescue Motor Lifeboat listed on the National Register of Historic Places docked at the end of Rock Harbor. After all these years many of us still get goose bumps as we see her and think of what she and her crew accomplished during a northeaster on the night of February 18, 1952. Her Coast Guard crew rescued 32 of 33 men after 60 foot waves split the tanker Pendleton in two. What an exciting way to connect with a thrilling chapter of our Cape Cod history.

We are hoping to have the Port Surfboat in the Orleans 4 of July Parade. We need all sea scouts who WOULD participate in the parade to call or email Skipper Dean ASAP. We will meet at 9:15 at the NMS gym side / bus parking lot. The exposure of the NAUSET SEA SCOUTS in this community event would no doubt help our program in many ways. The Ship needs every ones support so that we can take advantage of this great opportunity.

Give me a call at 978-697-1596.


Skipper Dean


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