July 5, 2010

Ship 72 Skipper Dean Skiff says:

These periodic posts are made to keep Ship 72 members, parents, and interested folks informed as to our activities and our plans.

I welcome positive feedback.


I hope everyone had a great 4th of July as we took time to honor our country’s birth and reflect what it means to be an American along with its responsibilities and duties.

Yesterday was very eventful for Ship 72. The Nauset Sea Scouts took SECOND PLACE in the General Category at the Orleans JULY 4TH Parade. The crew came through as 9 teens and Skipper Dean manned the oars as Mate Brad Gardiner took the role of Coxswain and gave the commands. Some believe Mate Brad giving the Coxswain position to our Boatswain Max Krause and having him give the commands and a salute with oars at the reviewing stand helped impress the judges, securing our second place win. In any case the crew can be proud of a “JOB WELL DONE.”(click here to see some photos)

Rotarian Bill Snow will show the trophy and tell our success to the Nauset Rotary Club this Tuesday.

We want to single out crew members Evans St. Aubin and Max Krause who helped get the Surfboat Mon Cochran and trailer ready for the parade. Without the many tools (his wife calls them toys) of our committee chairman Dennis St.Aubin, the boat and trailer would have never been part of this year’s parade. Good job Dennis and guys. A special thanks to the parents who drove the truck and got us “ship shape” before the parade.

It was appropriate to name this Surfboat after our former Skipper Mon Cochran, for the legend goes he could take a crew who never won a race and as Coxswain could take the same crew and turn them into winners leaving the competition in his wake. This says much for Mon’s leadership and influence as a former leader and mentor. A number of people after the parade came up to me and expressed their pleasure with naming this boat the Mon Cochran. As mentioned in a previous note, his daughter Helen and son-in-law Eric Dickie spent their time and money rebuilding the boat so we could put the finishing touches on it. The one common thread from everyone who has been touched by these historical surfboats is that they want them to be used by our youth rather than to sit in a museum.

Please excuse me as I sign off to watch the Boston Pops to end a great 4th of July,

Skipper Dean


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