July 5, 2015

Ship 72 Skipper Dean Skiff says:

These periodic posts are made to keep Ship 72 members, parents, and interested folks informed as to our activities and our plans.

I welcome positive feedback.


We can all be proud of being Awarded 1st PLACE in the non-profit division of the Orleans 4th of July Parade. As James Goodrich and I were taking the JOHN MACKENZIE HOME, I yelled to Steve and Connor,( the only ones left) could you please represent the ship at the awards just in the event we won anything. Well dog gone, we did!!!! That is why we see Connor with the trophy in the above attachment. This achievement is an example of living the Scout Motto, “BE PREPARED”. We practiced Wednesday night with the oars in the boat. Many of you told me how you mentally went over the commands sent to you by email. Again in the parking lot before the parade, we practiced, which was James, our youngest and lightest first practice. And……on your own you took the initiative to give the salute several times on the way to the Judges Stand. Let us not forget those who conditioned the oars and sanded the two boats during our work parties in preparation for their painting.

A salute goes to the Cape Cod Sail and Power Squadron along with the hard work of John and Lee for the Mon Cochan also received a 1st place in the youth division at the Chatham Parade.

Crew …..you are well deserving of the trophy. Be proud of what you achieved.

Skipper and his wife will be vacationing on a lake in New Hampshire for the next few weeks. SO……

Between John Crawford, Jim Caiazzi and Talya, (do not forget to pronounce the L !!!!) you will be receiving emails when we are meeting. July is a busy month for all, so thank you for being understanding during this time. Jim will try to schedule some time on the LUNA during my absence. If you have a time, feel free to e-mail Jim C. at jayar139@yahoo.com.

Learn / practice the bowline, clove hitch and two half hitches which we all will use on the water!!!! Review the ship’s office’s which we will be electing in the near future. The manuals are to use and a great source of information, so let us get some finger prints on them!!!

I will think of you as I am wind sailing,


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