Learning By Doing

Since 1947, selfless people have given the youth of our area their time, their talents, their energy and themselves to pass along knowledge, skills, teamwork needs, respect, loyaly, how to do things and how to have fun doing it. Former Sea Scouts will tell you that being a Sea Scout had a profound effect on them as they aged and developed their own families. Here are a few examples of what they learn as Sea Scouts. Click on each one for a larger view.

Life Magazine - May 17, 1954 issue
Begining 30+ mile row to Nantucket
Fatigue, seasickness for some
Re-hydration for others
Overnight Stop - Monomoy Island
"How come the land isn't moving?"
"Land Ho!"
"US Coast Guard assist
"Success! - We made it"
Scouts build their own 42' Ketch
Invitation to the Launching
Mr. Collins christens the Ketch
Launching at Rock Harbor
Postcard Perfect
Mariner's Sailing Instruction
Mariners underway
Mariner's Marching Unit
Sea Scout's Marching Unit
Prepping "Picara"
New York World's Fair
Picara in New York
Cool Spinnaker on Picara