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Orleans Sea Scouts - Late 1950s
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Orleans Mariners - Late 1950s
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Orleans Mariners
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Mariners - Surf Boat training

A Brief History of Ship 72

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In 1947, the Orleans Yacht Club (led by its founding members: Harry H. Snow, Edgar T. Downs, Jarrett S. Blodgett, Miss Helen Smith, Mrs. Norman A. Downs and Dr. R. Frederick Raddin) became the initial sponsor of Ship 72.

Dr. R. Frederick "Doc" Raddin, a local dentist, was the first Skipper.

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In 1955 the Rotary Club took over Ship 72 sponsorship and still continue their sponsorship today as faithful and loyal supporters.

Unlike today's Co-Ed Sea Scout Ships, boys and girls belonged to gender-specific organizations with little interaction. The girls were Mariners and the boys were Sea Scouts. The Mariners had an independent Ship ID, Ship 272. That number was retired and subsequently re-issued to a Sea Scout Troop in the Manhattan, NY area.

Over the past 60 plus years, Ship 72 has been one of the most active Sea Scout Ships in New England and has an impressive history of involvement in community service efforts. Here are some highlights of our major learning/teaching experiences:

April, 1954 - Row from Orleans to Nantucket
1956 - "S.E.S. Nauset" built by our Sea Scouts
1964 - Sailed "S.E.S. Nauset", to New York World's Fair  
1967 - Sailed "S.E.S. Nauset" up the Hudson River to the Montreal World Exposition.  
1968 - Numerous cruises down the coast of Maine including St. John, New Brunswick.  
1976 - Participated in Boston Tall Ships  
1980 - Participated in Boston Tall Ships  
1992 - Participated in Columbus Centennial Boston and New York Tall Ships  
2000 - Participated in Boston and New York Tall Ship
2011 (February 25 - 27) USCG Barque "Eagle" in Mystic, CT.
Four cruises in the Virgin Islands  
They have made several cruises down Long Island Sound.  
They have climbed Mount Katahdin, Mount Washington and most of the big mountains in New England  









They skied extensively in New Hampshire and Maine. Kayaking, canoeing, swimming, camping and fishing are just a few more of the experiences we have provided for our young people.

Moncrief M. "Mon" Cochran, Jr. took over as Skipper until 1977. "Mon" was a science teacher and guidance counselor at Orleans High School (OHS). Joining him at the "helm" were OHS math teacher, Stanley "Stan" Boyton and attorney Paul P. "Gargi" Henson, Jr. as Mates.

Mike Allard and Al Pease joined in 1966 and became Mates in 1970-- Mike became Skipper in 1977

This page is a work in progress. As former Ship 72 members and local historians submit historical data, it will be posted here. Our history is only as good as you make it. We will credit submissions if you wish.

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It's Not All Glamour...
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...But It Sure Pays Off
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Experience of a Lifetime!