Activities of Sea Scouts & Explorer Club 72

These are some of our activities that have been discussed in the Skipper's weekly emails.

The Skipper believes that the Ship 72's impressive history and current activities should have more exposure, not just to the local residents and Ship supporters, but to Sea Scout Ships and Explorer Clubs across the country.

Skipper's Report

Some of the Activities & Events from June 2015 to March 2016

  1. Aboard The CG 36500, Cruise From Rock Harbor
  2. Orleans 4th Of July Parade
  3. Arey’s Pond Boat Yard Tour With Explorers
  4. Sailing On The Luna
  5. Surfboat Row On Mill Pond And Inlet
  6. Cruise To Great Island On The 42' Fishing Vessel F/V Silver Sea
  7. Canoeing On Seymor Pond
  8. Row To Sampson Island In Pleasant Bay With Explorers
  9. VESS Games And Camping At Camp Greenough
  10. Rifle Range And Handgun Shooting At Camp Greenough
  11. Movie....."The Finest Hours" Featuring The World Famous CG 36500
  12. Building A 2 Man Ice Boat
  13. Survival And Quarterdeck Leadership Training In Groton, Ct
  14. STEM Day……At The Cape Cod Community College

Present Activities

  1. Advancement - We are on track to have 4 Scouts earn the rank of "APPRENTICE".
  2. We are on track to have 1 Scout to earn the rank of "ORDINARY" shortly.
  3. Construction & completion of our new Ice boat.
  4. Elections
  5. Surfboat Row.
  6. Prepare 5 boats for 2016 season.

Committee Priorities (Skipper's Opinion)

  1. Recruitment - Newspaper ads, home school, church group, update website.
  2. Trailer for Aquasport (power boat)
  3. Fund raiser - $5 profit on $10 t-shirt sold to tourists, Lobster & Clam Bake (sell tickets), Gift Cards

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