Leader & Friend
March 24, 2021

Lee was one of the Nauset Sea Scout’s most dedicated and motivated adult leaders in recent years, working often quietly in the background to keep the program running, but in his most gentle and modest way, nudging others along, advocating for important aspects of the program and taking on several leadership rotes to provide whatever support was necessary to be a successful program.

Every aspect of the program from field trips away, to sailing, to keeping the vessels ship shape and seaworthy, teaching maritime skills, and mentoring youth (and adults), Lee was intimately involved. One particular effort that Lee spearheaded was the "Journey to Excellence" credential, which put the program in a level of high success, and the youth down the road of rank advancement. Lee was so dedicated to the program and committed to seeing it succeed, he was actively contributing until his declining health made it impossible.

In addition to Lee's dedication and contributions to the Sea Scout program, he was a kind and gentle soul and a pleasure to work with. He was honorable, dependable, and compassionate. I have no doubt he will be missed by all of us in the program and will be remembered throughout our lives.

The Porthole, the award winning newsletter of the Cape Cod Sail and Power Squadron, in their Spring, 2018 edition, awarded the designation of Lee as "SN-IN Member of the Year"

Member of the Year Award is based on contributions to the squadron and sustained achievement. Criteria includes Vessel Safety Checks, Education – teaching and taking courses, and Community Outreach. ...The award is given to the member of our squadron who goes above and beyond to promote and enhance the squadron.