Mark your calendar Sunday, April 2, 2017

Who: Ship 72 , Explorers , parents and friends.

Event:Visit Mystic Seaport - Click here for website

See Where Maritime and 19th century New England seaport village history comes alive.
  • Norwegian Viking ship
  • Mayflower II reconstruction
  • Amistad is docked
  • Schooner L.A. Dunton is tour able
  • Bark Charles W. Morgan is back in the water
  • Planetarium
  • Boat works/Repair and Refurbish Shop
  • Engines
When: April 2, 2017

Where:Carpooling and departing from Patriot Square at 0720
  • 1030 scheduled tour/lecture
  • Hands on crafts
  • Raising a yardarm on the ship Joseph Conrad. (Climb the rigging = NO)
  • Breeches buoy demo and ride – (maybe)
Admission: Scouts $19, adults $29, Seniors $27.
Food Galley present

If interested, email Lee Johnson ASAP by clicking on this link: