Row To Nantucket

In April, 1954 Ship 72 leaders and crews set out to row from Orleans to Nantucket Island, A 30 mile trip, using 2 - 26' Race Point Surf Boats. It had never been attempted before and it set the standards for challenges, hardships, perseverance and accomplishments for Sea Scouts everywhere.

The story and photos were featured in the May 17, 1954 issue of Life Magazine. Here is the text and photos as they appeared in that article.


Like Indians, scouts fight open ocean to Nantucket

The early morning air lay chill upon Cape Cod one day last month when boys of the Sea Explorer ship Nauset loaded themselves into two 26-foot open boats and rowed away to the sea. They were headed for Nantucket Island, 30 miles away, to help induct a newly formed troop, and they were getting there in the way self-respecting Sea Scouts would.

From Orleans, Mass. the boys, accompanied by three scoutmasters, made for Monomoy Point, where they camped. The second day they were in the open ocean and a Coast Guard boat came up to watch over them. They encountered rising winds and some seasickness, but by the time they reached Nantucket (p. 165), all were hale again. It was the first time it had been done, so far as native lore goes, since a band of Indian braves paddled across to Nantucket in 1665. To prove it was no fluke the scouts turned around when the induction ceremonies were over and rowed home.

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Heading to sea

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Rest & Relaxation
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Nobody is Perfect
The End Is In Sight
A Little Assistance
Whew! We Made It