Race Point Type Pulling/Sailing Surfboat

Named for Race Point at the tip of Cape Cod, MA, from where the design originated. Neither self-righting nor self-bailing. Dimensions: 24ft. 6in. overall length, 6ft. 2in. maximum beam, 2ft. 4.5in. depth amidships; 5 thwarts for 5 oars rowed in single-banked configuration; some boats had a sprit sailing rig of a jib and mainsail with centerboard; weight 1000-1200lbs.; nearly double-ended clinker built hull of cypress or cedar planks over oak frames, copper or galvanized iron fastened.

The 1st 3 photos of historic boats below show what they are and how they are used. Photos 4, 5 & 6 show our own boats underway, manned by Ship 72 leaders & crew.

Designed as a life-saving tool
Manned by brave young men
Risking lives to save lives
Exhausting, but much safer, Ship 72's 'Port' & 'Starboard' boats
Learning to work as a team
Practice makes perfect